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In 1882 the use of Bioko was banned, because theoretically not allowed to identify people. 134 years after the Bioko is the subject of creativity and innovation and around washed face and desirable all over the world.

But what is the Bioko? It is nothing more than a cloak worn by women in the Algarve, Portugal, created at a time when they had very little freedom, almost like a cry of liberation.

“We are talking about a time when women in Europe should not leave the house alone, unless accompanied by her husband and the nurse, and the Algarve woman found a way to get around this situation by creating a piece that you gave freedom to be able to go outside without relying on others, “tells Lourdes Silva, the woman who gave new life to Bioko.

“Behind the Bioko, there were many stories, many forbidden love, a lot of mystery, mysticism too many poets who spoke of it,” he confesses.

We talked to Lourdes Silva, entrepreneur and academic, the lady who desempoeirou the Bioko, gave him a new face, new lines and colors, and that worked the piece in detail, as shown in the lining of all parts, which contains the history of Bioko in Portuguese and English, and the button that uses the logo of Bioko Tradition, a replica of Napoleon Bonaparte buttons.

GerirELiderar (G & L): As a woman entrepreneur who created a different product, tell us a little about this company that created.

Lourdes Silva (LS): The goal of this company is to re-create products with tradition, but coupled with the design. The DNA of Bioco Tradition brand is recreating pieces with a story behind, get our roots, our identity, who we are, where we came from. This is critical. But of course, always making parts hedonists, wearable.

G & L: What is this Bioko will communicate to the public that gets across borders.

LS: I have been in some events where contact with people of various nationalities and have had very positive experiences. The feedback is very positive for the story behind each piece, because I carry this story. Our parts tell their story inside in Portuguese and English, a story of the century. XVIII century. XIX. I’ve contacted with Japanese who loved the idea, with Spanish, English, German and all joined the idea of being able to wear a piece with history, the pleasure it gives them wear a piece recreated a current form, but it has an identity, which has a historical basis, this Portuguese case.

G & L: What are the biggest challenges you felt as a woman who creates a company from the Algarve, with a very different product from what is usual and a fashion industry that is so exploited nowadays?

LS: The idea came because I am a passionate about our tradition. I always liked to know what belongs to us and how things worked in the past.

I put on a Bioko and fell in love with him.

No soon had the intention to move to this level, but woke me to do research on the piece. In many lost nights, I began to discover that the story of Bioko seemed as saying the mayor at the time “the tales of the Thousand and One Nights.” Behind the Bioko, there were many stories, many forbidden love, a lot of mystery, mysticism too many poets who spoke it. We are talking about a time when women in Europe should not leave the house alone, unless accompanied by her husband and the nurse, and the Algarve woman found a way to get around this situation by creating a piece that gave him freedom to be able to go outside without relying on others. At that time, the woman, out to the street, had to wear corsets, the petticoats, say a series of garments that in addition to linger a while, depend, again, of another person who usually was the ayah . The cover could easily be placed over the clothes and go freely to do what it was. In 1892, it was prohibited by law its use in temples and streets, with the claim that allow conceal the identity of whom was wearing. The fight against this law was a landmark of the liberation of women and there were feminists who rose up, one in particular that came to Lisbon to fight the ban on Bioko.

For all these reasons, I thought it was a piece that had to bring the present. At the time, the idea comes to me, do research and think – Will anyone consider this a viable idea, is that people will like to the point of use? One thing we like, falling in love and find something that is interesting, and another thing to others feel some interest in this situation. On December 21, 2014, did a market test to assess what people thought of the piece. The reactions were of two types. The first was of people who stopped to see the recreation that I had done, but without knowing what was going on there, because they had never heard of the play. When I told the story, they were excited and thought a spectacular thing. Then there were people who knew the Bioko and knew it was a piece that had existed in our past and part of our identity. They gave me congratulations because they saw that someone took a piece that had been banned. So I thought, really, might make sense.

I intend that the Bioko is a timeless fashion piece, which has to do with our history, a piece that people, when asked what they bring dress, can open and show the history recorded in Portuguese and English on the inside. I’ve had situations of people who try to wear the hood, they said they felt someone else, as if to return to the past. This is my goal. I do not intend in any way compete with the great designers who have in the market.

My intention is to direct me to a very specific niche of people who like our culture, people who think that Portugal is a small country, but with quality and diversity in cultural terms.

G & L: In this create entrepreneurial process are always lack some support, not only financial, but also mentoring. Who has been to support your idea, your project?

LS: I owe a lot to Sandra Correia, CEO of Pelcor, who was my mentor, the person who, from day one, believe me. Already known for several years, because we belonged to the same group, the New Beginning for Portugal. When I asked her opinion, she reminded me that has always wanted to do something related to our tradition, to our past. “The bug is there. If is Bioko, if it’s something else, I do not know. It’s time, go ahead! “Within the group, I met the designer Maria Caroço. I also met in the group Viviane singer who has given me a lot of support. It’s been a day at a time, but people like the pieces, because they are really beautiful.

They were recreated in three models, because we take the great progress that the Bioko had over time: the “Bioko mystery” which is a cover designed to look good to anyone, the “Bioko passion”, a shorter hood and the “Bioko tradition,” a more formal cover. There are cases for different people because the same person can wear them in different situations. The important thing is that people like the design that the cover has, and when they see the story inside, are much admired, because they have never seen. In fact, I myself had never seen. It was an idea I had at the time and I think it was an added value, because the goal is that people never forget the story.

G & L: Thinking about the many young entrepreneurs who struggle every day to achieve their dreams, what are the tips, lessons learned that you can share with them all?

LS: I think the most important thing is passion.

What moved me was the passion for our tradition.

I can say that almost every day, would lie at 4, 5, 6 in the morning, but had no idea it was already so late and did not feel tired, because the more researched, the more desire I had to do. It was something that was motivated to do, not considered work, it was my passion. Oprah has a phrase something like “Feel the passion that emanates from you, for you follow through.” That’s it. Passion makes us move on and focus on what we want, because if we just focus on, we will see things with different eyes and that’s very important. This project was a learning for me. Every day I learn new things and that’s what brings me in terms of spirit. We have to live in this perspective: life is short, and even if we think we know something, want to learn more from those who are on our side; share because there is always someone who knows more than us in certain areas. Sometimes not know, but see a different perspective of ours, which gives our design assumptions to evolve to other sides that we were not to do.

The secret is to stay focused, share, give and take and fight, because in all projects there are better times than others and life is not always color pink. Often when it appears a shift in our life, this does not happen by chance, it is there for some reason. It may even appear a stop sign and it’s good that we respect, because maybe we even got there, to gain time to change something, or see things with different eyes. Not see these obstacles as something that gets in our way, but something that can add value to the project that we are taking forward.

G & L: Where is that in 5 years, expected to be with the Bioco Tradition?

LS: One thing I would like to see, was the pieces out there, because I realized that there are public who value this kind of parts. Are modern women today who enjoy our culture, who like different things. I would also like to evolve the Bioko, but also recreate other parts. Ideas abound me.

G & L: The Lourdes changed several times of life. How can change everything in life?

LS: Everything is possible as long as we want. You must from us and we have to believe, because if we do not believe in what we do, we do not get anywhere. This is a basic principle. There are easier situations, others more difficult, there are obstacles every day in our lives, but it is up to each of us to see what we like, what is our passion, what drives us. From there, bet, focarmo us formarmo us in areas that we think we should form. Sometimes just basic training and investigate, do self-training. I’ve done a lot and I hope still come to do, because I want to live new experiences.

When looking back, I want my life story is a story you like to tell.

Looking back, I see many things, but, God willing, I hope to do even more, because I like to do different things. I do not intend to loose things, but try to get them to interact, complement, say so. I love to learn and I’m very unhappy when I discover something unknown. This of Bioko Tradition project is a little higher than the rest, but the main goal is always learning.

But there is much more to learn and rightly there. You know, knowing and doing. You can do things with a beginning, middle and end. Life closes in a door, but opens us many windows. If we focus on the door that closed, we will never see the opportunities that are in the windows that will open. At my age, there are doors begin to close for various reasons, either because the past does not equal the present or because there are professions that no longer make sense, and rightly, is sign of evolution. Darwin already said that “either we adapt or die”. Therefore, we, as living beings, as a species, we have to adapt, not give up, do not stay waiting for things to happen, but do happen. We have to look out the window, see the opportunity, setting goals, focus, develop strategy, goal and get …!

G & L: What is windows that have opened?

. LS: I have worked in tourism and I am one of forming the first in the country for 23 or 24 years old, belonged to a group of 15 or 16 people from different regions of the country that at the time, were chosen to train trainers. I was I who had to train all the trainers that currently exist in the Algarve. I am a university professor for 16 years, wrote for several magazines in marketing, I have a book published on the retail area, I coach, I am certified laughter yoga leader, do motivational sessions for companies and NPOs. I volunteer: I am a volunteer at the Food Bank and associations which do laughter yoga for seniors, by agreement with city councils and others. As a university professor, always organized events such as lectures and activities with students in companies. I’ve had a company in the services area. I worked with multinationals such as Nestle, Danone, Freshnet Unicer, Central beers, Bimbo. I have also worked in the promotion of products, replacement, points of sale. Let’s say I’ve done some things … (laughs), although, looking back, it seems to me little, because there is still so much I wanted to do and I hope still a day doing.

G & L: After this whole experience, how important do you think, in terms of business management, which has the teamwork and how we can power it?

LS: For the company to function, the teams have to be very well aligned. This has been a very serious problem in many companies. I forgot to say that I am also mystery shopper. Often, companies rely me to pay well to their employees, they have advantages in various levels and do not realize how they can be discouraged, do not meet, can not they reach the intended goals. The question is this: we have to think that teams of employees are human beings. These people may even be comfortable in economic terms within companies, but do not live in a glass case. They interact with society, and when they go out of business, are in contact with their families, with the media, hear what is happening in the world and, like it or not, the theme, the topics of conversation people day-to-day it is about being wrong, because we crossed a less good phase (do not want to call it crisis, because it has several meanings). They know that A or B became unemployed, the situation at home is not the best, either because there ordered that have been reduced, health problems, or any other reason.

People have their own problems out of their work and this is a negative charge that ends up being transported into the company.

These issues have to be well resolved and one way is to try to motivate the teams, because a motivated team achieves better results. The motivation is to give people the reasons that lead to action. Now, there are companies that see only employees in the view of the work, which only account for the time spent in the company. Fortunately, already beginning to be a significant number of companies to do otherwise, because they see the benefits. I do sessions with companies that call smile motivation and, after a few weeks, I will listen the result. The feedback is given to me by the heads of companies is always the same: the team is motivated and things work better. Because? Because the sessions break ties between hierarchies and this is very important. I do not see the boss as the head, but as someone who at that time is on your side to do the same as him, laughing, exercise or anything else, shows the naked of their professional role. In brain terms, this turns out to be very beneficial for businesses because it involves the physical and mental health of people.

Before the sessions, study the employment situation now. This allows me during the sessions, manage conflicts, putting, for example, people were shocked to do things together, to break the ice, view colleague about a new light. We do a lot of these “therapies”, joining some team building exercises with laughter yoga (I call motivation smile), with personal game development. This has had a lot of demand and note that actually has benefits for the company in terms of motivation, conflict management, learn to deal with change.

Change is often generating conflict because people have difficulty getting out of your comfort zone and accept new tasks.

This creates anxiety, they create fears and they generate instability. Often through games, can be relieved these anxieties and unlock many situations.

They can say this to motivate the teams is not lasting. Of course it is not. It’s like giving an injection. It has a durability and, after some time, it has to be repeated. The àautomotivação is possible, but not everyone is capable of doing. It can also be the leader to motivate your employees, but it is much easier to be motivated by someone who comes from outside than by someone inside. You have to start out a little outside the box. Do things that usually companies were not used to do.

Lurdes Silva is the creator of the brand Bioco Tradition, a mistress of the Portuguese tradition. University and PhD Professor of Economics and Business and administration, regularly publishes articles in the field of Marketing and Trade in specialty magazines, and author of the book “The Seduction of Shopping.” Performs’ custom made ‘courses for companies, sessions’ coaching one to one ‘and motivation for staff of companies. Forming of various entities in the area of Trade, Marketing and Tourism for about 19 years, develops activity Consultant and Coach in SMEs.

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