spring-summer season combines lightweight fabrics and innovative standards in elegant and contemporary pieces

Bioco Tradition “intends to recreate the last pieces that have our identity and culture, coupled with the design,” as described Lourdes Silva, owner of the brand.

When Lourdes Silva experienced Bioko eighteenth century, the Museum of Costume São Brás de Alportel, could not imagine the influence it would have on his life that piece of clothing, which once “hid” the Algarvian women, covering them from head to feet, conferindo- them, ironically, some independence and freedom, to allow them to leave the street alone.

Lurdes Silva was a university lecturer in INUAF for 16 years after the closure of the institution decided to create a new project, dedicated to the passion for tradition that has always been present in his life. Reliving the experience of the Costume Museum, the Bioko whetted his inspiration, leading her to study the history of this piece, and later re-create it, bringing it back to the streets of Portugal, a play that was banned in 1892 by Julio Lourenço Pinto, Civil Governor of Faro at the time.

Thus was born the first creation of Bioco Tradition, an elegant piece that reminds the original, but with the design to dictate a shorter, modern cut, in order to enhance the feminine beauty, rather than the cover. Inside hides a surprise: printed on the liner is the story of Bioko, written in Portuguese and English.

Although currently have returned to teaching and is currently teaching the UAlg, Lurdes Silva continues to grow the brand and do not want to stay here. About a year and a half after its launch, the Bioko Tradition is launching new thinking in the spring-summer season. lighter Biocos, floral and contemporary patterns are the new focus of the brand, which remains as the main element design combined with culture and art, this time with the participation of artist Fatima Silvestre, responsible for the design creation dedicated to the Legend of the Almond Blossom, and graffiter Sen Silva, who gave the pieces that signs the bold touch of urban art. Tissues with the work of these artists, multiply the various models of Bioko devised by Lurdes Silva: the Bioco Tradition, the Mystery Bioko and Bioko Passion, like the scarves, elegant adornment integrating this collection of the brand. The combination of fabrics is another of the new station, with particular emphasis on denim, 100% cotton, which adds a touch of contemporary to pieces. With values from 30 euros to 170 euros, the pieces of Bioco Tradition are searched by a female audience, 25 to 60 years old, looking for elegance combined with the design, but also “value the cultural element of the piece” what pleases both the national public as abroad.

In The Algarve Voice. Written by VA.

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