How do I create my account in Bioco Tradicion Online?

It is very simple and fast. Just make a click LOGIN, and will be directed (a) to a new page where you can find the REGISTER button. Must fill in your name, e-mail and password. Then receive an e-mail sent to that account indicated, so that we can confirm the accuracy of the same. After clicking the link sent will be directed to your account / personal area, where we suggest you fill the remaining data for billing and shipping of your orders. Save your changes and you’re DONE!

I forgot my password and now?

Should access this address where just enter the email you registered so that the password be sent to you.

How do I order an item?

Browse our site and add to cart all the items you like. To complete your order and if you already have an account created just to select the Login option. If not already registered, our site suggests that you do at the same time, just by that fill in the fields that are presented. After completion of the same simply select the payment method and confirm the payment details in your email.

The Biocos are one size fits all?

Yes, our biocos are one size fits all.

Biocos to measure? If so, how it is processed?

Yes, we can make larger sizes, once we have the available fabric.

But if this is your case, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will find a solution, which certainly will be satisfied.

The mode of payment is safe?

All data entered in our system are confidential and are completely safe. The client when you finish your online purchase is automatically with a pro forma invoice, which is with a proof of purchase for your safety and convenience.

What are the forms of payment?

At this time the Bioco Tradicion, has only payment by bank transfer. It can also be delivered to the collection by CTT, with a cost of 3 Euros.

The customer pays shipping costs?

For mainland Portugal the figure is 6 euros for sending your Bioco.

How is the sending of Bioco?

May be sent by CTT Expresso or transportadora.Para your convenience, you will receive your article in your home.

How long it takes me to get my Bioco?

You will receive your Bioko no later than three days after being held good collection, not counting end-of-week and holidays.