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The passion for tradition and our identity led us to recreate design products with history, with identity, adapting them to people passionate about life.

Since the objective of the brand “Bioco Tradition” bring to present products of the past and revive emotions.

The first piece was recreated the Bioko.

The Biocos Algarve

“If there is in the Algarve a truly mythical garb, this is the Bioco. Banned in the late nineteenth century, was sung by poets, starring lit journalistic polemics and widely used as a banner by the ideologists of the Region in the New State period. Today, biocos of Olhão, survive only in the verses of poets.

Such rebound allowed the “construction” of a fantasy image that still belongs to the popular imagination of the region.

Although we consider that “no popular costume can be considered absolutely autochthonous, or invariant, although all the look,” the Algarvian Bioco is perhaps one of the rare cases of a truly popular costume this region. “

P.E. in Duarte, José da Cunha and Sancho, Emanuel: Algarve Costume, National Museum of Costume, 2001.



Bioco Tradition was selected from a very competitive group of businesses to participate in the Connect to Success’ Corporate Mentoring Program, not only for the quality, beauty and functionality of its products but also for the company’s tremendous growth potential. And I know why, first hand, as my red Bioco cape is one of my “go to” pieces – it is unique, stylish and warm, all in one!

Kim Sherrie Sawyer - Ambassador of the United States in Portugal - Lisbon

New Biocos are spectacular, three different versions of which I admit I have just passionate Bioco Mystery, not menospresando the other two models, having hood and be closer to the original piece.

I found the idea interesting, bring to mind the tradition and history in the form of a perfectly tailored garment to our times, combined with a design and exceptional quality at all levels.

Viviane Parra - Singer

I found the biocos of Bioco Tradition an event I attended and I fell in love … so that today my biocos are almost my trademark. Warm, comfortable, durable and stylish, complete any outfit.

Fátima Rodrigues - Coordinator in the Company Gerir & Liderar

I was in love with this capes by BIOCO TRADITION

Alexandra Marques - Blogger

The covers Bioco Tradition are gorgeous and very elegant pieces, all tasteful woman should have no doubt. I already have three and I’m waiting for the new collection.

Teresa Caiado - businesswoman

The Bioco Tradition was love at first sight for me.

When I saw the dried green model, I had to buy immediately. Besides dreamy am image consultant, I recognize a quality piece at first sight. The Parkas are a trend, but I like to adapt the trends to my personal style Bioko thought this had been done to me. I love it! beautiful and comfortable allows me to be with something of our own. I love the part of the story and the play even more.

Carina Alexandra Vanstalle - Image Consultant

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Museu do Traje

Museu do Traje

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HILL + KNOWLTON strategies

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